I'm looking after my grandchildren and there's just not enough money to go around some months. Being able to use the Food Bank means the difference between all of us eating and going short.

I'm a pensioner and the Food Bank hampers make a great deal of difference. With their help, I can eat for an entire month and not need to go hungry the last few days before my cheque arrives.

I'm on a disability and there are months when the bills are more than my disability allowance. If it wasn't for the Food Bank and Share-A-Meal, I'd be going hungry a lot.

I just moved into my own apartment and after the rent and such was paid, there was nothing left for groceries. Thank you, Food Bank.

I lost my job and needed groceries to last me until my EI kicked in. The Food Bank was there to help and I'm so glad it was.

The Food Bank has helped me out more than once. When I had no groceries in my house, they gave me and my cousin two food baskets. They were filled with coffee, Kraft Dinner, cookies and rice. Now I'm at the Bridges Employment Program and most of the food I eat here has been donated by them. They really make a difference for the people in this area that are struggling.

The Food Bank helps out the entire community. I have personally used the Food Bank when I was low on funds for groceries. I was working part time at the time, so I couldn't imagine how devastating it would be to be homeless and need their services.

The Food Bank really helped me because when I didn't have enough food in my house and it was still a week before my next pay cheque came in, they saved the day. My kids would have went without food for days if it wasn't for them. I have been having a rough time lately and I am starting school as well. My first day of class, I found out that the Food Bank donates bread, granola bars, coffee, coffee whitener, tea, muffins, cereal, peanut butter and jam. I can have breakfast and lunch at school! This saves me so much money and keeps food in my kids' tummies.

When I get to school, I am hungry and irritable because I don't have much food at home. Because the Food Bank donates to our school, I am able to eat, which helps my mood and my ability to think.

The Food Bank has helped me out with a box of food and formula for my babies. It came at a critical time (Christmas). The food donated was well needed and appreciated. I am thankful that there is an outlet such as the Food Bank to help out the less fortunate families struggling to make ends meet. The Food Bank also helps program such as Bridges Employment Program for those that are trying to turn their lives around. The Food Bank is a positive outlet for everyone in P.A. I hope it continues to do its good work. Thank you, Food Bank.